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"Beautiful! Proof that it's still possible to play great music in 2016"  - Lucas Biela ~ ISKC RadioActive

 Interview with Formative Tracks from March 2019

with Eliza Berkon on Arlington Independant Radio

Fresh out of Washington, DC, indie quintet Distant Creatures have a guitar bending, melodic anthem in their latest single, “Escape”. The song is a throwback to the low-fi, high-apathy sound that tmade 90’s indie rock so captivating. With a healthy dose of buzz, and the nonchalant voice of frontwoman Mina Karimi, this is one that you’re sure to come back to over and over.
- Allan Halas ( Breaking & Entering: Milwaukee)
— https://breakingandentering.net/2016/09/13/audio-distant-creatures-escape/

"Sparking and sophisticated dreampop enveloped in folk ambiences, always intimate and cherishing"

-Renato Malizia, The Blog That Celebrates Itself


Speaking of atmosphere. Washington, DC’s Distant Creatures deliver it in spades, with a unique dreampop sound that’s characterized by a sort of Sundays-like gauziness. This is one of two singles (see also the excellent “Unsure”) taken from the band’s most recent album Snares in Safe Harbors. Like the FAERS tune above, this song is also the result of an excursion to a rural landscape, this time to Virginia. The result is a sort of dreamy, restful, and evocative pop sound full of sleepy optimism.
— https://thedeletebin.com/2017/09/25/fall-into-tunes-2017/
Admit it, isn’t this a lovely little pop poppet, happened we tripped over it inadvertently whilst checking out new loveliness from Cae Gwyn records, more about that a little later. This is Distant Creatures with ‘a friend’s halo’ – a softly crystalline dream pop cutie sugar rushed in vapour trails of twinkle turned orbiting boy / girl conversations and the sweet arrest of lovelorn euphoria.
— https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/06/24/distant-creatures/
Distant Creatures Interview with Frederick Playlist
— https://frederickplaylist.com/2017/08/28/a-qa-with-distant-creatures/
The new album, Snares in Safe Harbors, from indie band Distant Creatures is a thrilling trip through the realm of shoegaze and dream pop, hitting it off right from the start with the unforgettable opener, “A Friend’s Halo,” and followed by other notable songs, including the sunny “In Real Life” and the expansive and shimmering, “Night Flowers” and “Unsure.”
— https://indierockcafe.com/2017/09/indie-rock-playlist-fresh-indie-tracks-autumn-2017/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork
..the vocals give off a haunting timbre that will send shivers up your spine as they sing through captivating melodies. “Unsure” is about looking back on those awkward and lonely moments in your youth when you were wondering whether the person your longing for feels the same way. Distant Creatures boasts a unique sound that listeners will fall in love with. Their song “Unsure” is a just one relatable track to love of off their new album ‘Snares in Safe Harbors.’
— https://www.indie-spoonful.com/single-post/2017/09/21/Distant-Creatures-%E2%80%93-%E2%80%98Unsure%E2%80%99
The band has a pure indie sound, with elements grabbed from other genres to balance the sound out and present a full featured platter that represents the band’s individual musical tastes that work well when combined and juxtaposed together. There’s elements of Metric and Silversun Pickups embedded deep within to create a sonic clarity that is quite easy to capture and make sense of right away. When groups take elements of their own personal musical tastes to create their own unique sonic blend, it really puts things in perspective right away for the listener to create their own vision for the band, and what they’ll look like in a live setting.
— http://www.musicboxpete.com/single-post/2017/09/14/Local-DC-Based-Indies-Distant-Creatures-Release-New-LP-Snares-In-Safe-Harbors?platform=hootsuite
Distant Creatures interview with Japanese magazine Fab On
— http://fab-on.com/distant-creatures_interview/
More than pleasant for me this is as catchy as hell and if I’d heard this back in 1990 then this would have been the tune to get me into the whole Sockgaze scene.Off to check out the rest of the album
— https://superworldindietunes.com/2017/11/14/distant-creatures-deserve-some-features/
Virginia based ‘Distant Creatures’ have been wowing the underground shoegaze fraternity ever since the release of their immense two track single entitled ‘Escape’ back in September 2016. ‘Haunted By You’ appears here and it’s is lifted from their recently released thirteen track opus entitled ‘Snares In Safe Harbours’. It’s a dreamy slice of reverberating joy permeated by luscious vocalisations, throbbing bass frequencies, surging synth swells and driving guitars
— http://primalmusicblog.com/album-review/album-review-shoegazer-sanctuary-records-va-dreaming-in-sound/
With two multi-instrumentalists, a rhythm section that can run rings among most of the competition and a singer that can whisper and rock out the quintet has plenty of moods to choose from while keeping an overall consistent sound.

They can be gentle and almost shy (Unsure), harsh and confident (Pause for Epiphany) and mysterious and menacing (A Song for No Name). By adding a violin and cello sadness and melancholy come to the fore where it is needed and carefully placed feedback pops up when anger prevails. - Hans Werksman
— http://werksman.blogspot.com/2017/11/distant-creatures-snares-in-safe-harbors.html
The folks in Distant Creatures write and record music that treads somewhere in the territory where shoegazer rock meets cerebral psychedelia. Snares in Safe Harbors may remind listeners of some of their favorite reverb-drenched underground bands from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Distant Creatures tunes are memorable and slightly hallucinogenic...a formula that should appeal to folks wanting something less conventional.
— http://www.babysue.com/2018-Jan-LMNOP-Reviews.html#anchor149731